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How to Create a Time Table to Follow in UPSC Examination 2019-20

By Admin | 22nd Apr 2019

Now I would like to summarize everyone's schedule together. These will apply to all those who are new, old or seasoned players.

First 6 to 8 hours of study will be enough. But first, you start from 3 to 4 hours, gradually increase this time. Suddenly, if you start reading 8 hours from today, it will not be right for you, you will feel tired and leave everything left.

It is okay to make preparations just a year before the Prelims examination. Like if this is the preliminary exam this time in June, then you should start preparing from last June.

NCERT, NIOS, Textbooks strengthen your basic knowledge. Regardless of whether these questions came or not, you get a clear idea that the water in which you are submerged is salty or sweet. Later, your welfare is going to do high-quality books. Similarly, the high standard books of every subject have been recommended by students who are often toppers.

If you do not forget to include last year's questions in your time table, it will be good. Analysis of last year's questions is also very important which gives you the idea, especially if you are reading a book, then you feel that this type of question comes and if you think that you can quickly draw the sentence from pencil give it by the time of the Prelims examination from January, you should give maximum mock test.

Which you have read in the last 6 months. It is also necessary to check that the mock test shows how much water you are in. Stay in touch with optional paper as well as a mock test, and also general knowledge.

It should remain in your mock test from the full month of January to the preliminary exam, read general knowledge and also be in touch with the optional subject.


Three important points of your daily Civil Services Routine

The first point is so important that many students are confused about how much to read in a day, how many subjects should be read in one day, after completing a subject and jump on the other.

So here I have mentioned that you should take two subjects, like in the morning, you read history and at night time geography, try to complete a chapter.

But here it is necessary to know what the definition of completion is. You do not have to read. For me, the definition of absolute is that you read the chapter completely and then make notes by yourself. Write in your own words what you read in that chapter. This will also give you the practice of writing.

You can become bored by reading the same subject on a daily basis. So I said that you read two topics.

Believe your notes only. Because the way of making notes of every person is different. Notes just write in points.

Therefore, all the notes are of different ways. Just rely on your notes and make notes that can be easily grasped at the time of revision.

While studying, you also take breaks. The brake has many import rolls. You probably do not know that by taking a break you can double your ability to remember. On the other hand, you will continue to reverse the hourly pages which are of no avail.

Here I have mentioned that take the task according to what you are going to face. Just like you are going to take an Prelims examination after 3-4 months and you are studying but writing down. You are engaged in coloring the pages, being written, the copies are being filled, the pen's ink is ending, then this is a wrong approach. High probability that you will not get success in the prelims.

If you are going to give prelims, then you give mock test. Solve more and more objective questions. If you are going to be a man, then practice doing more and more writing. If you are going to interview, go to Delhi and join mock interviews.

For one year you have to forget all because your future is full of obstacles. You do not know what obstacles are coming forward and how far you are going to join. When you have become bored by reading, you should use the internet, talk to friends, or engage in some other work, but only in break time. There is no stupidity, it will give you freshness. You can go to a wedding, a family trip.

The only thing common in prelims and mains is general studies. UPSC has been considered from the beginning on the basis of General Studies examination. Yes, even if it has Maths and Aptitude in it but the UPSC's Spirit General Studies is still there. Therefore, from the first stage of your preparation, your 80% Must have concentration.

It's the best time to read the morning time. If you get a habit of reading and reading at 5 o'clock then you have achieved a great achievement. You will experience a freshness in the morning, you will find peace and you will get enough time to read. It is said that reading in the morning reminds you of things for a long time.

Although many people have a habit of studying til late at night. But personally, this habit is not suitable. Because reading from late nights, the head looks heavy-heavy too, and from late morning, experiencing self-restraint also means repentance. Because the head is heavy-heavy even after reading late at night. And regretful is the experience of getting up late in the morning.


Schedule for Working Professional

I would recommend to people who are employed that you do not have any choice. If you stay in 10 to 7 offices, then you have only morning and night and the day of the holiday is no less than a gift for you. It would be nice that you wake up in the morning and manage 2-3 hours and take some time after dinner.

There is no place for fun in your life. If you think of leaving a job, if something like that is in your mind, then my suggestion will be that you leave the job only after passing the prelims because people often make such a mistake, later it is revealed that the prelims are the most difficult. If employed people also take 5-6 hours a day to study, then you have really acquired a lot.

Best of Luck for UPSC/CSE 2019-20 Examination!

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