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How to Write Better Answers in UPSC Mains 2019-20

By Admin | 16th Feb 2019

In this article we will tell you the importance of Answer Writing in the Civil Services Main Examination. How to write an accurate answer, so that we can get as many points in the examination. All the tips and instructions we are giving here are in accordance with the experience of those candidates who have been waiting for this examination, teachers and senior officers in senior services.


First Stage Writing Essay

Initially candidates are not comfortable writing essay, due to this they also fail in their efforts. It is necessary for this paper that we need to give appropriate information and analysis related to the subject while writing essays, so it is important to know what should be and what should not happen while writing essays. Looking at the importance of the essay, we should give special attention to the essay essay such as introduction of subjects, its conclusions, flow of ideas and examples. For this you can practice essay writing, for example, while writing a good essay, we should take care of the following things. Right after the introduction of the essay, we should clarify our stand on that subject. You should cover the dimensions associated with the subject as much as possible in the essay, and you should have a reasonable thought for the paragraph. Ideas, examples, and analysis given in the essay should be as easy as possible. This means that children can understand your essay too. Due to excessive and inconsistent explanation in most of the candidates' essays, they make him complicated, who never gives good marks.


Answer different steps of writing

• To write an essay on a timely and efficient basis, select topics that are most favorable and secure for you.

• Do not select essay on this basis, on which subject there will be a need for more or less writing.

• Your essay should have arguments supporting your stand, including some criticism against your stand, some positive and optimistic ways, and how things can be improved, etc. should be mentioned.


Writing Answers for Main Examination

Here we are using UPSC Will discuss the techniques suggested by those who have achieved success in the three stages of Civil Services Examination. Using this type of experience, you will learn how to write effective and well-written answers in the Civil Services Examination so that you can get high marks. Here are some of the changes and punctual suggestions given in the approach of writing the answers to the candidates, we hope that this will help you in answering the author.


Write in points and paragraphs
Introduction: Take the main word from the question asked in the question and explain it under the introduction section.


Title and Role: At the beginning of the reply, such sentences should be used that fulfill the need of the role. If the question is based on an issue then its conclusion can be written in some (2-3) rows, but be aware that there is no special conclusion required for factual questions. Also note that information in your answers should not be limited to points, but headings should also be used. Using the headings while answering topics and topics, you can organize your answers in different parts in a systematic way. If you need to keep several different facts and points for the answer to any question then you can use the points for it.

Answers based on headings, sub-headings, important points and personalized poisoning (if necessary) will help you get good marks in this examination.


Use of diagrams: Diagrams are of great significance for drawing / drawing questions, such as geography or maps of India and world map for international relations. Apart from this, NCERT Practice drawing of images for geography by books. In Paper I of Geography, questions come on a variety of geographical topics and you can make a good answer through diagrams.


Note: This tendency should be avoided for essay questions and some analytical questions. But if the nature of the question asked in the examination is such that the use of graphs can be useful if the interconnection or classification of different subject matter is required.


Flow Table / Flowchart: Flowchart is used for the main exam general study paper-3 (Technology, Economic Development, Biodiversity, Environment, Safety and Disaster Management). If you also include side headings with flowcharts, you can get good marks for answers related to social issues in general study paper-1. In the question asked in the examination, the use of diagrams etc. would be useful if there is a need to mention the relation and classification of various subjects.

It is very important for the candidates to try to cover the issues related to their analysis and the extent to which they are analyzed more than the depth of the knowledge of the subject while answering the issues and topics being asked in the questions. Keep in mind that the UPSC The board is interested in knowing and understanding the dimension associated with the tip-line asked in your given answers. On the other hand, it is also believed that, even more intense scholars such as those who are more serious than the requirement are not fit to test the test of civil services.

In the preparation of GS or Current Affairs, this method should be adopted for writing a reply. In this way, by training yourself, you will be comfortable to use all necessary diagrams, flow charts, side-heading etc. on the exams and it will not take much time to formulate it. G.S. you should try to answer as many questions as you can. Unless you fully understand any question, you should not leave any questions. Leave any question only when you can not predict what is asked and what will be the appropriate answer for it.


Importance of time management in exam

Essential Tips: At the time of taking the exam, first take a look at the question paper in 2 to 3 minutes and select the questions you find easier. Choose about 10 questions or more in the first step,) and solve them in the first attempt. In the second step, try for questions that require a little time and estimation to understand the answers. GS ethics paper is usually very long and many candidates can not be able to solve it within time. To get good marks and ranks, you need to improve your pace by doing maximum practice and practice with deadlines.

Important points to remember

• Outline important sentences / words written in your answers as appropriate (not too high).

• Using the blue and black pen only in the examination, write a reply from the blue pen and work out the important parts from the black pen.

Handwriting: i.e. your handwriting, the more points you get, the more points you get.

• Place appropriate paragraph (paragraph break) between the paragraphs written for answers, so that the paragraph gap is clearly understood.

• Keep the answer sheet clean and avoid overwriting and unnecessary cross.

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