Read Carefully Civil Services Preliminary Exams On 18th June 2017

BY Rahul Deveshwar | 7th Jun 2017
Union Public Service Commission will be conducting the Civil Services (Preliminary) Examination–2017 on 18/06/2017 (Sunday) all over India.

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How To Improve Your Chances Of Achievement In Interview

BY Rahul Deveshwar | 24th May 2017
Remember you, abstain from being excessively ornamental or make-up, trim and clean your fingernails, guarantee that any attaché or purse you take is smart, clean your shoes, flawlessly arrange your hair, utilize post-shaving astringent or scent sparingly

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Insight About Objective Type Question Paper

BY Rahul Deveshwar | 23rd May 2017
Objective test is non judgmental and the assessment is beyond human interference, the right responses to objective test inquiries are pre-decided.

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Why To Choose Video Based Learning Platform?

BY Rahul Deveshwar | 22nd May 2017
Anything which is visual and has a stylish appeal is effectively captured by our brains.

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Time Management Tips And Tricks For Competitive Exam Preparation

BY Rahul Deveshwar | 20th May 2017
Would you begin assembling an additional room without first thinking of building that room? Would you simply start in advance and hoping for positive outcomes

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How To Prepare For Competitive Exams ?

BY Rahul Deveshwar | 20th May 2017
These exams expect to pick commendable competitors, so here are the practices you ought to take after to get ready well for competitive exams:

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Myth And Reality About Civil Services Exams Of UPSC

BY Rahul Deveshwar | 20th May 2017
Civil Services exam is primary requirement to get recruited for 24 different portfolios divided into Group A and B , top five includes IAS,IFS(foreign),IPS,I P&T A &FS, IAAS,IRS.

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How To Overcome The Fear Of Logical Reasoning Test In Competitive Exams?

BY Rahul Deveshwar | 19th May 2017
Logical reasoning , Sounds a bit of scaring? Try not to stress, will reveal to you how to plan

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Current Affairs

Minister of Commerce and Industry in Russia to participate in Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting
17th Nov 2017
Children Festival Hausala 2017 being celebrated as Child Rights Week by the Ministry of Women and Children Development
16th Nov 2017
Housing Sector shortage close to 10 million units to be addressed through PMAY
15th Nov 2017
Northeast states to get first ever Air Dispensary
14th Nov 2017
Fourth India Canada Annual Ministerial Dialogue in New Delhi Today
13th Nov 2017


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