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Emmanuel Macron elected as President of France

By Admin | 8th May 2017

The euro hit a six-month high against the dollar on Monday 8 may 2017 while Asian shares picked up and U.S. stock prospects quickly touched a record high, investors welcomed the win of Macron.

Centrist and liberal, 39 years old former French Civil servant and Investment banker Emmanuel Macron elected as president of France with overwhelming 65.8% vote against national party candidate Marine Le Pen.  His major challenge is to confront noteworthy terrorism risk and battling with a dormant economy following quite a while of mass unemployment.

Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron joined politics in 2006 as a member of the Socialist Party (PS).

He served as the Minister of Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs under Prime Minister Manuel Valls from 2014 to 2016. He launched his own political party, En Marche! with an social-liberal ideology , on 6 April 2016.

Macron  triumph comes after a harsh campaign with Le Pen where  she accused him of being part of an elite that did not understand ordinary people and Macron said Le Pen stand for the “party of hatred” that wanted a “civil war” in France.

Voters upheld his arrangement stage with the expectancy of complimentary market, expert business change, and his guarantees to give supremacy to the EU, combined with a leftwing way to deal with social issues. Voting turnout was the least in over 40 years. Very nearly 33% of voters picked neither Macron nor Le Pen, with 12 million going without voting and 4.2 million ruining ballots.

Theresa May was among the first of the world pioneers to hurry to compliment Emmanuel Macron for his persuading victory,  EU took sign of relief as this win seemingly ensures that  France will not  fall into sets off a chain of similar events as Britain's Brexit vote and Donald Trump's race as US president.

Tending to thousands of supporters in the amazing yard of the Louver, the unfathomable Paris castle turned-historical center, Macron said he would protect France and Europe. He said Europe and the world are "watching us" and "sitting tight for us to shield the soul of the Enlightenment, debilitated in such a large number of spots".

The European commission president, Jean-Claude Juncker, tweeted his congrats, saying, “Happy that the French have chosen a European future. Together for a stronger and fairer Europe”

Macron in his manifesto stated Brexit as a wrongdoing that will leave the UK confronting bondage and, in the midst of the cause, he took a stand in opposition to a carefully fit approach where the British have the best of two universes either making a motivating force for others to leave and slaughter the European thought, which depends on shared responsibilities.

Macron had tempered his positively professional European message with a vow to change the organizations; however he is relied upon to share Merkel and Juncker's vision of an EU that direction more in the territories of finance and defense. He assured to join detached and broke France, saying he will everything to ensure French’s never have reason again to vote in favor of extremes.

Macron's election campaign was hacked, which Paris prosecutors are examining. A huge number of messages and reports were dumped on the web and spread by Wiki Leaks in what his crusade called an endeavor at democratic undermining.  

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Emmanuel Macron elected as President of France
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