Saw Kodnani at assembly, hospital on morning of riots, Amit Shah tells court

By Admin | 19th Sep 2017

A special court in Gujarat hearing the 2002 Gujarat riots case on Tuesday asked Bharatiya Janata Party National President Amit Shah to appear as a witness for Maya Kodnani, a party leader who was convicted of murder during the massacre, NDTV reported.

The judge said Shah must appear either in person or assign a lawyer on September 18 to respond to Kodnani’s claims that she was not present when 11 Muslims were killed in Naroda Gam.

The court’s orders come after Kodnani asked for more time to issue summons to Shah to appear in her defence. After repeated complaints from Kodnani to the court that she has not been able to contact Shah, the special court judge on Tuesday allowed Kodani’s lawyers to issue a summon to him, The Indian Express reported.

Kodnani has claimed that on February 28, 2002, the day of the riots in Gujarat, she was with Shah at the Gujarat Assembly.

Amit Shah who touched base at the court in the midst of tight security, removed for almost 40 minutes under the steady gaze of extraordinary judge P B Desai as Kodnani's safeguard witness. He, be that as it may, demanded that he didn't come "to vouch for protect Mayaben on the grounds that we have a place with the same political gathering".

Kodnani had looked for Shah's examination to build up her explanation that she was at the gathering and Sola Civil Hospital on the morning of February 28, 2002. Before Shah, 12 witnesses were analyzed with all due respect.

Arraignment witnesses and uproars casualties have prior told the court, over the span of the trial which started in 2009, that Kodnani had gone by the spot and induced the crowd in the morning. Their declarations uncovered that Kodnani went by Naroda Gam in the vicinity of 9.30 and 10.30 am.

In his affidavit, Shah couldn't tell the court the correct time when he saw Kodnani at the hospital center after he achieved the doctor's facility between 9.30-9.45 am. He told the court that he didn't see Kodnani when he achieved the healing center. He, in any case, discredited an inquiry by the indictment that he initially observed Kodnani in healing facility at 10.30am, when he was perched on a seat there.

The main other time to which Shah conferred was that he cleared out the healing facility at around 11-11.15am. He was cordoned off by police as an unsettled crowd started yelling trademarks, and he was made to sit in a police vehicle. Shah told the court that Kodnani too was escorted by police at that point and she was made to sit in a similar vehicle with him. When he got off the vehicle, Kodnani was all the while sitting in the police vehicle. He said he had no clue where Kodnani went from that point.

Answering to an arraignment's inquiry, Shah additionally said that he had no suspicion where Kodnani followed she exited the state gathering and before she touched base at the healing facility.

At the point when tested by indictment regarding why did he not affirm in another mobs case - the Naroda Patia slaughter case in which Kodnani has been sentenced forever - Shah said that Kodnani and her relatives had reached him to affirm, yet he never got any court summons.

Till date, arraignment has inspected 187 witnesses and the blamed have brought 43 witnesses with all due respect. Numerous protection witnesses have informed the court what Shah said regarding nearness of Kodnani, VHP pioneer Jaideep Patel and Bajrang Dal pioneer Babu Bajrangi at Sola Civil Hospital.

Gujarat police and later the Supreme Court-designated SIT captured 84 people and put them on a trial in 2009. At display, 79 people are confronting the trial because of death of a portion of the denounced.

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