Discussion on UPSC Geography Test Series New Pattern & Answer Writing Strategy(उत्तर लेखन की रणनीति)
6th Nov 2017
Discussion on UPSC Geography - Test Series New Pattern and Answer Writing Strategy

This technique will definitely help you get high marks in your test series.
In this Session topic covered:-
1) Discussion On UPSC Geography Test Series New Pattern
2) Tips to write a better answer
3) Answer writing strategies and guidance

If you have good writing skills then you have high potential for success in the Civil Services Examination.
It has been observed that apart from extraordinary knowledge, there should be information on more topics, in addition to good
writing skills, to explain ideas in a simple way and the answers to every question clearly. Rather they want such candidate in UPSC, who is best in his knowledge and skills.

Good writing skills not only help, but on various issues the candidates will be able to make their suggestions that will help them during the Personality Test.


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