Improve Your Writing Skills | IWS Class 1 by Ashirwad Sir
6th Oct 2018
What is Geography - भूगोल क्या है | Geography for IAS/PCS
6th Oct 2018
Ocean Bottom Relief - महासागरीय नितल के उच्चावच for UPSC/State PSC Geography Class
6th Oct 2018
UPSC CSAT 2019 - Exam Pattern and Updated Important Topics | Madhukar Kotawe
22nd Sep 2018

Topic on Medieval History Of India - UPSC Civil Services History Optional Class
20th Mar 2018
In depth understanding the Medieval History Of India for UPSC Civil Services History Optional and other Competitive Exams.

Discussion on the topics:-
1. What is Akbar most famous for?
2. What did Akbar do?
3. Who was the greatest ruler of the Mughal Empire?

Current Affairs

11th World Hindi Conference in Mauritius from 18th to 20th of August
31st Jul 2018
UP Investors Summit 2018 PM Modi Said Uttar Pradesh is Ready for Superhit Performance
22nd Feb 2018


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