समुद्र विज्ञान - परिभाषा व प्रकृति | Ocean Science - Definition & Nature by Rakesh Sir
15th Sep 2018
Erosional Structures Made by River | नदी द्वारा निर्मित क्षैतिज संरचनायें
31st Jul 2018
Meaning of Human Poverty (मानवीय गरीबी) | Poverty as a Challenge
31st Jul 2018
How to Solve Algebra (Part 2) | Solving Equations Instantly in Hindi
27th Jul 2018
Doklam Controversy - Border Dispute Between India & China? | UPPCS Online Class on Social Work
26th Mar 2018
Topic on Medieval History Of India - UPSC Civil Services History Optional Class
20th Mar 2018
Session on Prostitution - Part 2 | UPPCS Social Work
15th Mar 2018
Session on Prostitution - Part 1 | UPPCS Social Work
15th Mar 2018

Sessions 6 - Discussion on Narendra Modi Work & Decision for Foreign Policy by Nipun Alambayan
30th Jan 2018
Narendra Modi Work and Decisions for Indian Foreign Policy

Brief on the topic:- नरेंद्र मोदी जी के विदेश नीति
- Empowering India and Implementation 
- Narendra Modi Major Decisions, Work and Agenda. 

- Narendra Modi Foreign Policy and Relationships.
a) Neighborhood First Policy
b) Project Mausam
c) Forum for India-Pacific Islands Cooperation

- Smart Power
- Indian Economy

Current Affairs

11th World Hindi Conference in Mauritius from 18th to 20th of August
31st Jul 2018
UP Investors Summit 2018 PM Modi Said Uttar Pradesh is Ready for Superhit Performance
22nd Feb 2018
Union Budget 2018 Announced on 1st Feb 2018 by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley
7th Feb 2018
Thirty sixth International Geological Congress on the Visit of the IUGS Delegation
24th Nov 2017


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